Hoping 1,000 signatures and rally can save Wayne’s Coffee


1,500 have also joined a Facebook group to save the café in Stavanger.

Devout Wayne’s Coffee customer, Mona Ommer, started the petition on February 24 and has already received over 1,000 signatures.

The reason for is that the café will be replaced with yet another Starbucks on the premises in the shopping mall Arkaden in Stavanger.- It is so important for everyone that we get to keep the café where it is, says Ommer.

In addition to the petition, 1,500 are involved in supporting Facebook group.


Wants to demonstrate

The Local Manager of Wayne’s Coffee, Furkhan Öcal, thinks it’s fantastic that the customers are so enthusiastic.
– It shows the wish of the people. Wayne’s must remain here!
Ommer says that they will arrange a demonstration in the city centre to show support.
– We will get together and demonstrate to keep Wayne’s. We will show that we are here and that we care, she said.
The rally will be planned via the Facebook group, and she hopes they can get it organized for sometime next week.


Source: Stavanger Aftenblad / Norway Today