2/3 increase in fish fillet exports to the UK

Fish and Chips fish filletFish and Chips. A lot of fish fillet is exported to the UK from Norway. Photo: Pixabay.com

2/3 increase in fish fillet exports to the UK from Norway

This year, exports of Norwegian fish fillet to the UK have increased by 67 per cent (from 1147 to 1913 metric ton). This shows that the British market appreciates Norwegian produced fish.



Part of the strong growth is due to a shift in the market from frozen fish to fish fillets. The total growth in Norwegian cod and haddock exports to the UK so far this year is 12 per cent.

British Fish and Chips cooks are in Norway this week to learn more about the Norwegian fishing industry. Norwegian fish frozen on board the vessels have a strong foothold in the top segment of Fish and Chips restaurants in the UK. The top ten Fish and Chips chefs are in Norway to learn more about how the fish is caught and handled before it ends up as dinner. One of the highlights is to join the trawler “Ramoen” on a fishing trip.

– Fish and Chips is often referred to as the British national dish. It is therefore extra pleasing that the consumption of Norwegian fish fillet is increasing so much. It shows that the quality-critical British appreciate the quality that Norwegian fishing vessels deliver, says Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr. Asmyhr represents the Norwegian Seafood Council in the UK.

Norwegian quality

More than 30 per cent of the cod and haddock sold in the UK origin from Norwegian fishing vessels.

– There is a clear trend that the leading Fish and Chips restaurants demand Norwegian cod and haddock, which are frozen on board the vessels immediately after being caught and filleted. Quick freezing ensures top quality fillets, says Asmyhr.

Every year, the best Fish and Chips restaurant in the UK is chosen in the prestigious Fish & Chips Awards. The last two years the winner has been restaurants swears to Norwegian seafood. This week, the ten finalists will see and experience Norwegian fishing first hand.

– This is very educational and interesting. I’ve learned a lot on this trip, says Harry Niazi, who manages Olley’s Fish Experience in London.

Critical Brits

The British chefs are concerned with quality in every aspect. The consumers are also concerned with the environment.

– It is important for us to showcase a modern and environmentally friendly fishing fleet. The British are very concerned about the environment, and Norway is a front-runner internationally both in terms of managing resources and not least in relation to very low emissions of greenhouse gases, says Information Manager in the Fiskebåt organization, Odd Kristian Dahle.

Fiskebåten (the Fishing boat) organizes the Norwegian ocean-going fishing fleet.


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