Many leaders will not give refugees practice jobs

Murtaza Mohammad Amin practice jobsKIRKENES.Murtaza Mohammad Amin is studying his papers at the arrival center for refugees in Kirkenes.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Many leaders will not give refugees practice jobs

Nearly half of 600 business executives say that it’s not possible to offer training jobs for refugees, a new survey show.


A new industry survey from the Integration and Diversity Directorate (IMDi) shows that 47 percent of business leaders are unwilling to offer training places for refugees. Due to language skills, lack of recruitment needs and lack of work tasks, are the reasons leaders have given as the for not hiring refugees.

At the same time, almost all managers who participated in the survey responded that they believe employers have a responsibility for integration. But the greatest responsibility falls on the refugees themselves and public authorities, the leaders believe.

– Important with grants

Many responded by stating that they need to have workable language skills as a prerequisites for companies to offer refugees practice placement. Many others believe that follow-up from public and financial grants is important for providing practice.

Only 11 percent say they have refugees in practice. An additional 35 percent say that it may be appropriate for them to offer practice placement in the next two years. Only six percent say they offer Norwegian language training during working hours, while 23 percent say they can arrange it when needed.

– Great need for placement

During the next few years, record refugees will be on the look out for jobs and/or education.

Over 27,000 refugees are participating in introductory programs, which are a obligatory and are full-time paid, qualification programs. The goal is to quickly get them out in the work force, educate them so they become financially independent, IMDi explains.


There is a great need for internships in the future. A total of 600 executives across the country participated in the survey conducted in June.


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