Maritime waste become serving trays at McDonalds

Empty box of fries from McDonald's. Photo:

McDonald’s in Norway strengthened its sustainability measures by producing serving trays of marine plastic waste from the Nordlandsk coast. Behind the product are the Norwegian entrepreneurial company, The Good Store.

The plastic trays are made from 100% recycled marine waste and are part of a circular economy in that the trays can be recycled again and again. Entrepreneur Lasse Johansen of The Good Store works in the fishing industry and has been concerned about the damaging effect the plastic has on marine life.

‘’There are huge amounts of plastic produced in Norway, but only one third of the plastic is recycled. Much of the rest ends up in the sea’’ said Lasse Johansen.

Big companies must be willing to take a chance

In search of good partners and solutions, The Good Store came across Noprec (Norwegian Plastic Recycling AS).

They collect marine waste from the fishing industry along the northern coast and make granules of the waste. This granulate is passed on for melting and from this the new serving trays are produced for McDonalds.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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