You may have paid too much tax in January

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An error by the Tax Administration allowed persons receiving payments from Nav to possibly be deducted too much in tax this month. Individuals affected by the error must change their tax card to get the correct tax deductions in the future.


Nav doesn’t know how many people were affected. However, the tax office asked persons who receive payouts from Nav in January to check their payments.

According to the Tax Administration, the error may lead to excessive tax deductions for some of the recipients of one or more of the following benefits, who also have other income:



transitional benefit


Parental benefits

Pregnancy allowance

Work assessment allowance

Unemployment Benefits

Attendance allowance

Nursing allowance

‘For those who have received money from sources other than Nav, and who have had a loss, there may have been a wrong payment,’ said Communications Director, Mariken Holter of the Tax Administration.

‘If you notice that you have been paid less than usual, you should check your tax deductions. If you are unsure, you can contact Nav or the Tax Administration.

You must do this

According to Holter, the error arose during the transition to new tax codes in the tax

‘This has meant that payments from Nav have been deducted as a living income instead of as a main income. In this case, too much tax may have been deducted.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes,’ she said.

The error has hit tax deductions for January, but you have to take a grip to correct the error in the future:

‘You must change your tax card so that this will be correct for the next payment.

You can order a new tax card at Be sure to check out the percentage.

You can also call the Tax Administration and request a new tax card with a correct
percentage,’ wrote the agency in a press release.

‘If you don’t do anything, you’ll get the money automatically refunded in tax settlements, but it won’t be until June 2019,’ said Holter.

What about those who are not able to check if their payments are correct or not?

‘If you do not usually log in to the web, you must have received tax deduction on paper from the Tax Administration. There, you can check all the information and what kind of tax deductions you have received in the past. You can also call the Tax Administration on the phone, and we will help you get a new tax card,’ Holter said.


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