25 per cent against drilling for oil and gas

Oil and Gas, Ekofisk Norwegian oil industry Petroleum Safety Authority Oil CompaniesEkofisk Centre. Ekofisk Aerial Photo October 2014, by ConocoPhillips

Survey – One in four does not want any more exploration for oil and gas

A quarter of those asked in a new survey says that Norway – for the sake of the climate – should not look for more oil and gas on the continental shelf.


Women are more willing than men to put climate concerns ahead of oil extraction, shows the survey conducted by Respons Analysis on behalf of the Future in Our Hands (Fremtiden i Våre Hender), writes Dagsavisen.

One in three women – 33 percent – agrees with the statement that “Norway should not look for new oil and gas on the NCS for climatic reasons”. 16 percent – or one-sixth-of the men asked, believe the same. In total, 24 per cent agree with the statement.

“We believe this shows that something is going on in the Norwegian population. More and more people understand that new oil exploration is neither compatible with climate goals nor socio-economic considerations, says Christoffer Ringnes Klyve. He is in charge of the Future In Our Hands.

45 percent respond that they disagree with the claim, thus supporting the search for new oil and gas deposits. It indicates that a full 31 per cent have no clear meaning on the question.

Crucial for long term activity

The Government recently released 102 new exploration blocks, most of them in the Barents Sea.

– New exploration area is crucial for long-term activity, value creation and profitable employment in the petroleum industry across the country, says Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Søviknes (Frp).


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