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Mayor wants to impose fee per kilo produced from salmon farming

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Livestock companies should pay host municipalities 1 Norwegian krone per kilogram of fish they produce, according to the mayor of Osterøy.

Mayor, Jarle Skeidsvoll of the Christian Democrats (KrF) thinks it is right and proper that the industry pays to exploit the common area that the sea is, reported Bergens Tidende newspaper.

‘Many host communities are experiencing significant negative spill-over effects of aquaculture in their sea area, both from environmental problems, and conflicts of interest with those who live in the area or travel on the sea’, said Skeidsvoll.

In a program-proposal for KrF’s national convention later this month, he argues that municipalities should get a share of the value created in the sea.

He believes 1 krone per kilogram, or around 1.7% of the value of exports of Norwegian salmon last year, is an appropriate figure.

‘If Osterøy received one krone for every kilo of fish that were produced in our fjords, it would provide several million directly to the community.

Interest organisation, Sjømat Norge, has little time for the proposal.

‘Why should the aquaculture industry, unlike other industries, pay surtax on top of what the companies, and their employees, currently pay in taxes to the municipalities. In the leaner times, with lower profit margins, such a fee would be a big disadvantage for the industry’, said regional manager, Hans-Inge Algrøy.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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