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Ministry of Agriculture delivers forecasts for summer berries and vegetables

Fruits and vegetablesFruits and vegetables.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix


Price reductions on carrots, good quality cauliflowers, fewer berry on the market, and no parsnips. These are the Ministry of Agriculture’s forecasts for the immediate future.


The ministry wrote on its website that there are a little too few Norwegian berries on the market due to low deliveries. In a couple of weeks,it expects more strawberries and raspberries to become available for customers.

On the vegetable front, availability is better, especially when it comes to leeks.

‘New Norwegian leeks are coming any moment now, and deliveries will increase sharply in the coming week. Norwegian spring onions will get to the stores. New Norwegian yellow and red onions are also on the way. They are harvested and packed now’, wrote the directorate.

A special trend this summer is that vegetables other than the traditional salad variants are selling well in the stores. This is explained by the fact that bad weather may have caused people to barbecue less than normal.

‘Cabbage is one of the vegetables that has had very good sales, selling over the planned volume. The cabbage has maintained good quality.

There are also extremely good sales of cauliflower, and very good quality on the market. The turnover of broccoli is good, but there has been little product available. A better supply is expected when deliveries from Toten increase.

Parsnips? It’s empty, so we’ll have to wait for the autumn’, wrote the directorate. Price reductions are expected on carrots from next week,and there are reports of slow sales of Norwegian potatoes.

‘This is partly due to imported potatoes. Perhaps we don’t make as much potato salad as usual’, asked the Ministry’s article rhetorically.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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