MRSA bacteria found in swine herd

Pigs, MRSA bacteria Pig FarmerFree range pigs, a rarety in modern farmong. Photo:

The MRSA bacteria has been found in a swine herd in the region of Hordaland, said the Mattilsynet (FSA).

The discovery was made after it was confirmed that MRSA was found in a swine herd in October, writes the newspaper Nationen.

At that time the FSA said that the farm had received pigs from 14 other herds, and these herds that are now being investigated. One of the farms in Hordaland is where the bacteria was found.

According to Bergens Tidende, it concerns a herd from Sveio.

– We are really questioning how the herd could have been infected.

This is an enclosed herd with a high degree of hygiene. We are scratching our heads as to how it happened, and we are still looking for the source of infection, says Section Chief Jarl Inge Alne from FSA to Nationen.

The FSA writes that MRSA can be transmitted between humans and animals, but rarely produces disease in animals and healthy people.

However, for persons who already have a compromised health to MRSA, it can cause serious infections.

“MRSA can be found in meat from pigs infected with the bacteria, but the likelihood that people will be infected through eating pork, is very small.

The bacteria is mainly on the surface of the meat and killed by heat treatment. It is normal to cook prk thoroughly in Norway,” writes FSA.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today