New speed camera in Oslo led to 26 driver’s loosing their licenses

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A new speed camera installed in the Lørentunnel recorded 50 speeding violations per hour this weekend.

– 26 drivers lost their licenses.“26 driver’s lost their licenses in one weekend is not good. That is an overly high number and a disappointing result. We were prepared for someone to lose a driver’s license, but the figure is much higher than expected,” says Finn Erik Grønli, police officer in the traffic police in the Oslo police district, to Aftenposten.

The photo box is located in the west tunnel of the Lørentunnel. It was activated at 21:00 Friday night.

On-site speed limit is 70 km/h. By Monday morning, the photo box had registered 2,700 vehicles that were above the speed limit. 26 drivers were over the limit for suspending their driving privileges, which is 106 km/h. The highest speed recorded was 131 km/h.

On average, almost 50 speeding violations were recorded per hour, according to Aftenposten. 60,000 vehicles passed through the photo booth until Monday morning.

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