Northern Norway fears for fishing industry

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Two out of three inhabitants in Northern Norway fear that fish resources will benefit others, than the coastal residents in the future.

The results are from a survey Sentio has done for Klassekampen, where 1,500 residents in Northern Norway were questioned.

The population in the North see that there is an increase in unprocessed fish being transported southward and processing centralized.

While 67% of the respondents fear that there is more of this to come, 28% answered that they do not think it will happen, and 5% answered “don’t know”.

The further North people live, the concerns are rising with 75% of respondents in Finnmark fearing the resources will not benefit them, while 62% of those surveyed in Nordland respond the same.

On Tuesday, four Ministers in four coastal cities presented a new ocean strategy to the government. Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg from Tromsø was there.

He says the results of the study are interesting, but believes that there is no particular reason for fear. He wants and will demand of the industry that more fish will need to be processed in the North, where the resources come from.

– It is not true that the fish resources are disappearing to the south. I spend a lot of time correcting this type of misunderstanding, he says and points out that a record amount of fish has arrived in Finnmark in 2016, and that the value of fish is increasing.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today