The Government supports ‘blue’ jobs


– This is a strategy for future jobs. Through generations of Norwegians have focused on the sea, and businesses related to the sea are responsible for advances in technology which form the foundation of modern day Norway.

Now it’s our generation’s turn to carry the torch, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The Government today presented its strategy on Marine involvement.

Norway is currently one of the world’s leading Marine Nations. The Government will further invest in the Marine businesses where we are already prominent, and simultaneously encourage research, innovation and technology to bring up new industries and secure Norway’s position as a world leading Marine Nation.

– We have the people with the knowledge, strong companies and leading research organisations. The aim is that Norway should be the number one country on sea related business.

To achieve this we need to utilise our strengths and build on our knowledge and experience, says Monica Mæland, the Minister of Treasury.

OECD believes there are great potential for growth within the Marine economy, but that sustainability is crucial to realising the potential.

– We will facilitate both farming and harvesting of new species. A prerequisite is increased research to ensure that it happens within sustainable limits, according to Per Sandberg, the Minister of Fisheries.

The strategy will contribute to increased collaboration and knowledge transfer between the Petroleum, Maritime and Marine industries.

– The petroleum industry will continue to be the largest industry in the next decade. Despite undergoing a challenging period, it will continue to contribute to jobs, wealth creation and substantial revenues to the community.

There are also significant opportunities for growth through increased knowledge sharing between the Marine Sectors, says Terje Søviknes, the Minister of Oil and Energy.


Source: The Ministry of Industry and Fisheries  / Norway Today