Nortura breaking old egg record

Nortura shattering the old record eggs At the Breakfast Table.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix NB! MODEL RELEASED

There is an old Norwegian saying “ha det som plommen i egget”, which means the same thing as the saying “be in clover” but where the literal meaning is feel like the yolk of the egg. And that seems to be the situation for Nortura these days, at least regarding the delivery of eggs. Last week they broke their old record of 46 tons.

“An egg is an egg, said the boy, he took the biggest” is a Norwegian proverb. And last week,  many egg were taken, out from Norturas three egg packers.  A total of 15.940.939  eggs were wheeled out to the stores. This amounts to  943 tonnes, which is a new record. The old record was at 897 tons, the newspaper Nationen writes.  Nortura delivers about 60 percent of all Norwegian eggs in the stores, and explains the record by a lot of positive mentions of the nutritional value of the egg and many enticing offers.  -It is the retail chains that control the price, but we have noted that the egg in this  year has taken part in a price war, and that many enticing offers have been made including eggs, Chief Information Officer in Nortura, Åse Kringlebotn, says.   Norwegians usually eat a little over average half an egg a day, but in Easter the consumption is doubled.  -We ought to feel feel free to continue eating more eggs after Easter as well. Eggs bring larger and smaller doses of the vast majority of the nutrients the body needs,  Kringlebotn says.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today