Norway’s Green Party wants to increase taxes and fees by 32.5 billion kroner

Une BastholmPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

The Green Party (MDG) announced that they want to increase the total taxes by NOK 32.5 billion. That’s more than any other party in the Norwegian parliament (Storting).

The Socialist Left (SV) presented its budget on Monday. The party wants to increase taxes and fees by NOK 18 billion. 

The Red Party (Rødt) wants to increase the tax level by NOK 29.7 billion, according to newspaper Klassekampen.

The Labor Party (AP) has proposed increasing the wealth tax by NOK 7.2 billion but wants to freeze taxes at the current level.

“The core of the budget is a redistributive tax policy, and a tax policy that is based on the principle that polluters must pay,” MDG party leader Une Bastholm said.

More taxes

MDG wants to increase taxes by NOK 10.5 billion and fees by NOK 22 billion. 

Bastholm admits that MDG differs from the other parties when it comes to taxes and fees.

“The difference between the other parties and us is the environmental taxes. We use the tax for redistribution, and the fees for restructuring,” Bastholm said.

In total, the party proposes NOK 19.6 billion in environmental taxes. 

Among other things, MDG wants to increase VAT on meat from 15 to 25%, which is equivalent to NOK 1.8 billion a year.

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