Norwegian company wins great clothing contract with NATO

JanusPhoto: Janus

Janus outside Bergen has secured a contract to supply items such as thermal underwear to NATO for at least three years.

After extensive testing, Janus’ factory got the major contract in late August, and are now permitted to widely publicize the deal, said the newspaper BergensAvisen.

The contract is for deliveries to all NATO countries’ military forces for three years, with the option of a two year extension.

‘We’ve had the contract for six weeks now, and have already received more orders than we estimated for an entire year. We are optimists’, says the satisfied Janus director, Arne Fonneland.

He said the contract allows the company to hire more staff. He has already hired 5-6 people this year and says he’s going to need more, but can’t say how many in total.

‘We now manufacture more than ever. The machines are running at extra high-speed. We got it right, so it’s fun at work at the moment’, says Fonneland enthusiastically.

The factory has lengthy experience of supplying to defense forces in several countries, however, Fonneland emphasized that the new contract is independent of work the company has done before.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today