Norwegian shopped in Sweden for NOK 14.3 billion last year

Nordby SupermarketSvinesund, Sweden.Nordby Supermarket.Photo : Thomas Winje Øijord / Scanpix

Norwegians on day trips spent NOK 14.3 billion with our neighbors in Sweden last year. Swedish trade fell slightly from the previous year.

In total, Norwegians embarked on 8.5 million shopping trips to Sweden during 2019, according to statistics from Statistics Norway. On average they shopped for NOK 1682. In total, they shopped for NOK 557 million less than the previous year.

More than nine out of ten krones Norwegians spent on border trade last year were used in Sweden. Strömstad is by far the most popular destination and accounts for 46 percent of the trade. In second and third place, Charlottenberg (18 percent) and Töckfors (9 percent) follow.

Those who live in the East of Norway are the ones who spend the most money in border trade.

People from South East Norway left NOK 5.55 billion on day trips abroad, people from Oslo and Akershus traded for NOK 4.81 billion and Hedmark and Oppland accounted for NOK 1.61 billion.

For the other regions of the country, border trade is distributed as follows: Agder / Rogaland and Western Norway: NOK 1.59 billion, Trøndelag: NOK 1.03 billion and Northern Norway: NOK 1.03 billion.

Excluding all border trade, also outside Sweden, the total trade sum was NOK 15.7 billion last year.

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