Norwegians are buying cabins like never before


Last year, 30,000 Norwegians bought cabins, of which 7,000 are newly built, according to the forecast center. The numbers have never been so high.


According to NRK, there is much evidence that the trend will continue this year. Only last week there has been a massive increase, and brokers at Hovden in Setesdal report that they have sold five cabins on the same day this Easter.

“I have worked as a broker at Hovden for 14 years and have never experienced this. The cabin market is hot.” says broker in DNB Eiendom, Eivind Bjorå, to the canal.

He states that three of the cabins they sold this week went 300,000-400,000 kroner over the price.

Bjørn-Erik Øye, cabin analyst at Prognosis Center, confirms that the cabin market is hot. According to their numbers, 30,000 Norwegians got their cabins in 2017, and 7,000 of those cabins were new builds.

“The number of Norwegians who buy a cabins have never been higher. There has been an explosion in the last two years and we are surprised that the pressure is staying so high,” he says.

There are many reasons, but Øye has noticed, among others its the retirees that are biggest buyer group. Many of these people buy apartments and pursue their dreams in being in nature and the mountains, according to the cabin analyst.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today