Norwegians paid by card more than nine million times on Black Friday

Visa cardsVisa cards.Photo: Pixabay

Almost 9.3 million card purchases were made on Black Friday trading day, according to figures from the payment services Nets and Vipps. It is a new Norwegian record.

This is an increase of almost 3.5 per cent from the same day in 2018 and, according to Nets, the day with the most card use in Norway ever.

“For the first time, the cards have been used more than 9 million times,” says Stein-Arne Tjore, Nets’ press chief in Norway.

The payment cards were used to trade goods and services for more than NOK 3.8 billion, which is 1.9 per cent up on last year, when it was traded for around NOK 3.7 billion.

The card usage is divided into BankAxept cards, international cards, credit cards and electronic gift cards.

Vipps record
E-commerce increased 12 per cent compared to last year’s Black Friday. Compared to an average Friday, 46 per cent more online purchases were made.

Vipps set turnover records on both Thursday and Friday. Compared to 2018, Vipps sales on Black Friday increased by 154 per cent.

Many stores, both online and in physical format, expanded the offerings to apply to days both before and after Black Friday. According to figures from Klarna, Black Friday sales increased by 19 per cent from last year, while other week-sales increased by almost 26 per cent.

Bømlo on top
According to Klarna, Sogn and Fjordane was the most active county in e-commerce last week, while Østfold was the least active. An average resident in Sogn and Fjordane traded 50 per cent more than an average resident in Østfold.

The three most active of the 100 most populous municipalities were Bømlo in Hordaland, Kvinnherad in Hordaland and Alta in Finnmark. Bømlo alone stands at the top, 37 per cent above the average, while Kvinnherad and Alta shared second place, 31 per cent above.

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