Oil Strike averted

Troll A platform in the North Sea.Troll A platform in the North Sea.Photo: Marit Hommedal / SCANPIX

Four hours after the deadline the parties in the offshore settlement agreed. Thus, no strike in the oil sector will occur.

At 4am on Friday night unions, The Leaders and IndustriEnergi completed mediation.

The settlement provides a general increase of 9.100 kroner, while the shift supplement increase is by 1.50 kroner, writes The Leaders in a statement.

The unions, The Leaders, IndustriEnergi and SAFE have negotiated with the Norwegian Oil Industry Association as the counterparty.

– There have been intensive negotiations with several different problems to be solved. The settlement is within the framework of the subject, but was expensive. In the challenging situation the industry is currently in, it was still essential for us to find a solution to avoid strikes, writes negotiator Jan Hodneland in Norwegian Oil Industry Association.

SAFE, The Leaders and IndustriEnergi warned that they would take respectively 156, 75 and 520 members out on strike if mediation was not successful.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today