On the way to historically low milk production in 2019

Tine Milk, Tetra-PakTine milk.Photo: Norway Today Media

Milk production was 10 percent lower in November than at the same time last year. Milk volume is set to be historically low this year, according to Tine.

Milk production in November was 116 million liters. For the year so far, production is around 27 million liters less than last year. Tine expects total production this year to be around 1.480 million liters, down 40 million liters from the previous year.

– “Milk production is now at a historically low level. If we look away from 2011, which was the year of butter crisis, then production has never been so low before,” says head of market regulation in Tine Roald Nes.

The reason for the decline this year is that farmers adjust to the decline in milk quotas, which in turn is adjusted downwards in line with the need for milk. In addition, Norwegian milk producers face competition from imported dairy products, according to Tine.

There is a 3 percent increase in cheese imports so far this year. For flavored milk, the numbers have gone up 5 percent. For yogurt, there is a decrease of 9 percent.

Next year, the need for milk will be further reduced, according to Tine. In November, after discussing with the farmer organizations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food decided that farmers with cow’s milk will cut their milk quotas by 2 percent next year compared with this year.

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