Oslo’s real estate market: – More Interest

housingHousing.Photo: Pixabay

There is rising interest in the housing market and the property price base may reach its lowest, believe real estate brokers.


– “Agents have noticed more people coming to open houses. Several are interested in buying homes again and more are showing interest. We will not see a new fall in prices before Christmas, but we do see hope, for the first time in a long time,” says Grete W. Meier from Privatmegleren to Dagens Næringsliv.

She believes that the price bottom will soon be reached in Oslo.

– I believe there is a reduction in prices in November and December, which is quite normal for the season, but January is usually a good month with prices increasing.

“It will hardly be as high a rise in prices in January as we have seen in previous years, but there are many homes that are going on the market and some prices will increase. Then I think housing prices will stabilize,” says Meier.

On Friday, figures for November showed a small increase of 0.2 percent for used Obos housing in Oslo. So far this year, Obos prices in the Oslo area have fallen by 8.2 percent.

On Tuesday, Property Norway (Eiendom Norge) will present housing statistics for this November. Leif J. Laugen, CEO of Krogsveen, believes in a fall in prices in November, but does look forward to the rise in prices in the Oslo market early in the new year.

“I’m not surprised if the price decline is over. When we look at the total turnover of housing and how many bidders there are per item sold, it is quite positive,” says Laugen, who believes that the Oslo market is about to calm down.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today