The parking fee doubles at seven commuter carparks

Parkering parking fee Bane NorIllustration. Parking

On Monday morning, almost all the parking spaces at Høvik Station were empty. Nevertheless, the parking fee was doubled due to ‘explosive capacity’.


As of December the 2nd, Bane Nor will double the parking fees at seven stations in the Oslo region. These include Drammen, Asker, Stabekk, Strømmen, Lørenskog, Ski, and Høvik.

The official justification for the price increases is ‘explosive capacity’ at the stations, reported Nettavisen newspaper. According to Bane Nor, there are capacity challenges for both commuting and day parking.

‘We see many places, especially in cities and towns, that non-travellers use the day parking at the stations because this is the most affordable parking option in the vicinity.

Thus, at many stations, there is a problem that the day parking fills up very early in the morning. We hope to reduce this problem by adjusting the local price levels somewhat,’ said Knut Ø, Ruud Johansen of Bane Nor Eiendom.

At Høvik station, however, parking spaces stood empty on Monday morning.

‘It’s really not blown up here. I park here every day and have never had any trouble finding a parking space’, said Corey Proulx.


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