Pensioners should fear Arbeiderpartiet’s (Ap’s) tax policy

Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie ( Conservative Party ).Photo:

Right-wing politician, Bent Høie of Høyre (H), said the country’s retirees should fear tax increases if the Ap ( Labor Party) pushes through its policies.


“After several different signals from the Ap, we are very doubtful about how much they want to increase taxes,” said Høie to VG newspaper. He asked the party to clarify whether its former deputy, Trond Giskes, or party leader, Jonas Gahr Størge will give the word.

He referred to what Støre said on May the 1st, that the party went to elections on a moderate increase in tax revenues, and that the tax scheme for 2018 did not remove that potential.

‘’In November 2017, Trond Giske, Ap raised its promise to 15 billion in tax increases, Høie added.

He thinks the party says one thing and does something else, and asked them to clarify where they want the increases.

‘’In January 2017, the Ministry of Finance showed that pensioners with the Ap’s tax arrangements had to pay 1.3 billion more in taxes. Then it’s a reason for the country’s retirees to be worried.
Aps fiscal spokeswoman, Rigmor Aasrud, said if Høie and Høyre are worried about retirees, they should vote for AP’s proposal for earning a pension from the first krone.

“But as usual, when it comes to schemes that help ordinary people, Høyre are against them.’’


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