Strong growth in threats and violence against teachers in Oslo


In 2017, 3,170 cases of violence and threats were reported in Oslo schools, an increase of 63 per cent from the previous year.


“These are serious numbers, but they must be possible to turn around,” says Vice Mayor for Education, Marte Thorkildsen (SV) in a press release.

436 events were reported in the “very serious” category last year, which is almost doubling from 227 the year before. The number of “serious” events increased from 674 to 1,219, while “slightly serious” events increased from 1,039 to 1,515. The figures were presented on Monday morning.

“It is unacceptable that the situation has reached this point, as described in the report,” says Thorkildsen.

Of all the reported events, 43 were reported to the police. Most of those carrying out the violence and threats are children aged 6-12 years.

“Both the fact that it is mainly young people, aged 6-13, and that the majority of cases are linked to 1-3 pupils per school, suggests that we can and will do something about it.

Now we have to look much closer to find out the causes of the violence. If we are to succeed, we must cooperate first and foremost with the children and young people,” says Thorkildsen.


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  1. Daniel Brattås | 29. October 2018 at 13:02 |

    This situation only shows that the educational system in Norway is loosing slowly control. More discipline never hurt anyone. Billions of people are still alive because of some sort of discipline in their lives. The norwegian schools are just waiting for the system to collaps on them. There must certainly be a middle way between using a ruller and being completely passive to the point of teachers being bullied by children. Time to get your act together norwegian school system.

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