Permanent positions are LO members’ main issue in the election

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100.000 trade union (LO) members have chosen their main campaigning issues. Over half chose “Yes to permanent positions.”

98775 LO members have responded to what they believe are the most important issues LO should concentrate on in advance of the parliamentary elections, Klassekampen writes. From a list of 23 issues the members was asked to choose the top five.

The traditional labour issues won. “Yes to permanent positions” came on top (55,555), “Fight unemployment” in slot number two (49,951) and “Full sick pay” in third place (46.002).

– It is a natural response to a Labour Government’s policy and the challenges we face in the workplace today, coming Chairman of the LO, Hans-Christian Gabrielsen said.

Less traditional issues, such as climate, bicycle paths, public transport, apprentices and increased financial support did not make the top ten.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today