Predator Board leader: need for faster sheep

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Predator Board leader: The wolf had taken fewer sheep with faster sheep breeds

Fewer sheep would have been taken by wolves if farmers focused on fitter and faster sheep breeds, says the leader of the Predator Board in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold.


Norwegian white sheep is the most common sheep in Norway. It is bred to give a lot of meat and it is big and heavy and therefore quite slow.

– One of the reasons that wolves can take as much sheep as it does in the north of Akershus presently is that the sheep of this breed can not easyly run away or protect themselves, says Øyvind Solum, head of the Predator Board in Oslo, Akershus And Østfold, to NRK. He is also the county leader for the Green Party (MDG) in Akershus.

– With other breeds you will get less loss of sheep. As long as the farmers do not try other races, they have not tried everything possible to make wolves and sheep coexist, at least in a better way than today, he says.

Mincemeat regardless of speed

Wolves have taken large quantities of sheep in Hurdal summer. The leader of Hurdal Sheep and Goat association, Ketil Melvold, does not think it’s the breed of sheep that is the problem.

– If the sheep run 35 kilometers an hour or 40 kilometers an hour does not matter. The wolf makes mincemeat of the sheep anyway, he says.

The Predator boards in Oslo, Akershus, Østfold and Hedmark meet Monday to determine the licensed hunting quota for wolves in the coming winter.

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