Rema 1000 will open more Sunday stores

Rema Rema 1000Rema 1000. Photo:


Rema 1000 will open more Sunday opening stores in major cities. The store chain recently opened a Sunday open shop on Ensjø in Oslo.
Shop in Oslo has fixed walls and a separate entrance. It is adjacent to another, larger Rema shop, but will only open on Sundays, writes Aftenposten.

– We are going to open more stores  on Sunday, I will reveal how many and where they are. We look for areas where the market base is good, and then preferably in the major cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, said director of communications and public relations in Rema 1000, Mette Fossum.

Reitangruppen, which owns the Rema 1000 chain, will primarily look at the possibility of building their own Brustad Arches related to new Rema stores or remodeling of others.

Earlier this year, the supermarket chain had a promotion where they opened a number of large stores on Sundays in protest against what it believed were offenses from the competition.

At the time cordons were used to refine the shop area of 100 square meters, which is a violation of current regulations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today





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