Rema becomes shareholder in online grocery store

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Rema 1000 are buying shares in an online grocery store.  Experts believe this could help to accelerate the willingness of Norwegians to buy food online.

Rema 1000 has bought shares in  the online store,  the newspaper Aftenposten writes.
The chain is not the first of the grocery “giants” to invest in new, web-based solutions in order to reach more customers.The Menu chain and Rimi  have both already made similar investments.
Grocery expert Erik Fagerlid in PA Consulting expects an increase in the e-commerce of food, now that several of the grocery store chains have become  shareholders in online shops.

– It will probably be the same way in Norway as it has been in many countries outside of Norway, that online shopping first really takes off when the established grocery  chains are investing in online stores.

Therefore it is a natural development that both Menu and Rema are going into this market, and we will probably see that the others follow suit,  Fagerlid says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today