Russians indicted for trying to cheat 27 Ukrainian construction workers into Norway

Oslo District Court rape abuse psychosisOslo District Court.Photo Norway Today Media.

Using false documents, two Russians have tried to get 27 Ukrainian construction workers into Norway by claiming they were from Romania or Bulgaria.

One Russian is accused of providing incorrect information to the authorities, and the other is accused of having used twelve of the Ukrainians to build houses in Norway, reports NRK.

The trial against the two starts in the Oslo District Court on Tuesday.

The police lawyer Morten Bentzrød tells NRK that the incident was discovered by chance when police stopped a car in downtown Oslo in January.

The men in the car were Ukrainians but had national ID cards from Romania. The Ukrainians were hired by the two Russian Estonian construction companies to set up plasterboard, sparkle and paint in houses under construction in Nittedal in Akershus.

“The Russians are accused of using fake documents to get labor into Norway,” says Bentzrød.

The attorney Gøran Møller Christiansen says that the Russians state that they believed the ID cards were correct.

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