Seven out of ten want oil production to continue

Oseberg oil platformAn aerial view of the Oseberg oil platform in the Norwegian sea.Photo Helge Hansen/NTB Scanpix

Seven out of ten Norwegians fully agree that business on the Norwegian continental shelf must continue, a recent study shows.

69 percent say it is important to maintain the oil and gas industry, 17 percent say it is not important, while 14 percent say they do not know, according to the survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of Norwegian oil and gas.

Norwegian oil and gas think it is encouraging that so many are joining the oil industry.

– “It shows that you see the importance the industry has had and has for our country and how important the industry is in the future also to create new industries,” says CEO Knut Thorvaldsen of Norwegian Oil and Gas.

On Thursday, Norwegian Oil and Gas’ annual conference will take place at the Colosseum cinema in Oslo.

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  1. It is strange that in parts of the city of Oslo people are living in poverty while the oilfund holds more then 10 Trillion Krone…. What is it that Norwegian government does not want to spend available money to make the lifes of Norwegian people better and more healthy??

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