More firms have gone bankrupt

oil services Oil services.Photo.

The Debt collection company Lindorff reports a sharp increase in the number of bankruptcies in the second quarter, and the figures are particularly bad for services connected to the oil industry.

1.425 bankruptcies is not only a sharp increase from the first quarter, it is also the highest number recorded since the Lindorff has started to record this in 2006, Finansavisen. This is  an increase of 15.5  per cent compared with the same quarter last year.  -Next quarter  the number of bankruptcies always drops. But the way it looks now, the  level of bankruptcy will be higher. There has clearly been a  change “, analyst in Lindorff ,Tom Robin Nilsen, said.  In Buskerud and Hordaland, the number of bankruptcies, has increased by over 30 percent, and oil-related industries such as engineering and staffing, construction and accommodation and food service are the ones who are struggling the most.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today