Significant increase in sales of Israeli wine in Norway

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Norwegians bought four times more Israeli wine in 2019 than the year before, figures from the Vinmonopolet show.

1,188 litres of Israeli wine were sold at the Vinmonopolet in 2019 compared to 249 litres the year before. That is, over a quarter of sales in one year, reports Dagen.

There were 15 Israeli wines for sale at the Vinmonopolet in 2019, compared to seven wines the year before. All originate from vineyards around Tel Aviv.

In addition, wines sold are  produced at Golan Heights. These are not registered as Israeli, although they are produced by Israeli wine farmers. These sales has remained stable at around 4,000 liters over the past two years.

“A general trend is the growth of a number of wine countries that have traditionally sold less wines in Norway,” said communications director Jens Nordahl of the Vinmonopolet.

In addition to products from Israel, there is an increased demand for wine from the Czech Republic, Georgia and Lebanon.

The wine monopoly notes that Norwegians are increasingly demanding wines made in a special way, such as kosher. This is a term for food and drink that conforms to Jewish dietary law.

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