Skanska to build Østerbø power plant for 350 million

NykjevatnetNykjevatnet.Photo: Skanska

Skanska will build Østerbø power plant in Høyanger municipality in Sogn and Fjordane.

The contract has a value of approximately 350 million, and is included in the order backlog for the second quarter of 2017. Skanska’s customer is SFE Production, which is carrying out the project in collaboration with BKK Production.

The contract includes driving, and fusing of the approximately 7.1 km tunnel, drilling of fire shafts, exploding areas to build power stations in the mountains, as well as concrete work in the power stations, portals and several inputs in the mountains. Several of the workplaces are covered and will only be accessible by helicopter.

Østerbø Power Plant will be built 600 meters up the mountain at Østerbø. Further up the mountains, the power plant will collect water from the reservoir in Nykjevatnet, which will again transfer water from, among other places, Strupefossvatnet (waterfall) in Mjølsvikvassdraget.

The area offers particularly good natural conditions for hydropower. Nykjevatnet is a natural ridge, with high storage capacity and very good control capacity.

‘Traditional hydropower developments are an important core area of our construction business, and we are pleased to participate in a project where we can help care for our renewable energy sources,’ said Executive Vice President, Steinar Myhre, who is responsible for the construction side of the business in Skanska Norway.

The power plant will have an average annual output of 165 GWh, which corresponds to the power consumption of approximately 8000 households. Construction starts in May 2017, and the project is planned for completion by 2020.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today