Skilled workers sought for windmill operation

From Stamåsen wind farm in SwedenFrom Stamåsen wind farm in Sweden.Photo:Fosen Vind

The search for the operating personnel of the first wind farm in Fosen-development has begun. Statkraft and Vestas are looking for a total of 18 workers for the operation of the wind farm, Roan, and follow-up of the assembly of wind turbines.

Construction work on the first of the six planned wind farms for Fosen-Vind started a year ago in Roan municipality.

Now Statkraft has begun recruitment of skilled workers to operate Roan wind farm. The company both constructs and operates the wind farms on behalf of Fosen Vind DA, and are searching for personnel with certificates in electrics, mechanics, or automation.

Statkraft seeks 10 employees, and Vestas seeks 8.

Initially, Statkraft will employ 10 people. As the other wind farms are made ready for operation, towards the end of next year, we will recruit 16 additional employees, and then 17 more in 2019.

Vestas, a supplier of wind turbines, wishes to recruit 8 employees with the same qualifications. Also, these will start with Roan, who begin work from August.

The new skilled workers who are employed will receive a thorough training period in Norway and Denmark. Then Statkraft employees will be rented to Vestas in advance of Statkraft taking over the operation of Roan wind farm in 2020.


Source: Fosen Vind / Norway Today

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