Store employees say they are constantly being monitored

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Several employees of a handbag shop in Stavanger say they are being monitored all over the places in the shop, except in the bathroom, and that the manager manages them from a room in the back via radio and earplugs.

NRK news spoke with two current and one former employee of the Michael Kors store in town. They reacted strongly to the surveillance.
– It is not a workplace, it is hell, says one of those who work in the store. All the people interviewed have asked to remain anonymous. They say that the whole store room, office and storage facilities are monitored. A kitchen space and a toilet are the only places not to be controlled by the camera. In addition, the employees are equipped with small radios that will make it easier to provide prompt messages.
– The boss stays a lot in the office, in front of a screen with all the surveillance pictures, giving us instructions via radio, said an employee. What she says, gives the impression of a detailed framework, and the woman says that it is “very disturbing” to constantly receive instructions on the ear when interacting with a customer.
When the employees made theirs conditions known to the boss about the matter, they were told that is the company’s policy and that the rules must be followed. The store manager will face NRK to neither confirm, nor deny the practice. The channel has been referred to a public relation manager, but has not yet managed to get some feedback from the shop.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today