Sues human rights leader for internet gambling

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Sues human rights leader for internet gambling

The Economic Crimes Unit (Økokrim) believes the leader of the Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) lost almost NOK 11 million in gambling on the internet. Now the bankruptcy administrator goes to court.


Both the police and the Bankruptcy Administrator, Fredrik Bie, believe that the President in the Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD), Loai Deeb, masked the draining of the organization by pretending that the money was spent on a water treatment project in Africa, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

In connection with the alleged embezzelment, several fake documents have been created to hide the fact that the millions actually ended up in internet-based gaming companies.

– This case has a volume that makes it important to the creditors. If we can retrieve the involved amount, it will help cover comprehensive tax claims that have been submitted to the estate and to cover payroll payments from Nav to former employees of the organization, says Bie. Defender for Deeb, Attorney Kjell Brygfjeld, says that his client denies that he has squandered funds belonging to the organization on gambling.

– Økokrim has made an extensive listing, which shows a very large amount, but in our opinion, this amount has not been documented. This compilation however does not show where the money has ended up, says Brygfjeld.


In May 2015, the Economic Crimes Unit acted against the organization. The president was charged with money laundering of more than NOK 100 million. Last year the police expanded the indictment to include gross embezzlement.

Økokrim believes Deeb spent more than NOK ten million that GNRD allegedly should use for human rights work throughout the globe, on gambling. He denies culpability.

GNRD was in the summer of 2016 bankrupted after a former employee did not receive salary of five months.


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