Tax deadline just around the corner

tax returnIllustration.Altinn, tax return.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB Scanpix

Monday is a deadline for delivering the tax settlement.


Even before the weekend, over 3 million wage earners and pensioners opened their tax report.

That accounts for 86% of a total of 3.5 million people who receive the tax report digitally.

“It’s good that so many have opened the tax report. We hope they have also checked all the information,” said Jannicke Valbrek,Head of Customer Service at the Tax Administration.

Once again she encouraged people to check the information.

‘’Is everything right there? Is there something you have to fill in,like rental income, or wealth, or income in other countries? Also,check that you have received the deductions you are entitled to,”Valbrek said in a press release.

160,000 phone calls

She reminded people that the tax authorities have wizards and calculators on their websites. In addition, the agency’s experts can be reached on Facebook, by phone and through ‘chat’.

475,000 tax returns were delivered already a week before the deadline.That’s more than at the same time last year.

Since the tax release was available on April the 4th, there have been more than 10 million page views on and 160,000 phone calls to the agency. Ten thousand have also chatted with the IRS or physically gone to a tax office.

June 27th

Finance Minister, Siv Jensen of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) has even given Norwegians three pieces of tax advice, check the figures, remember deductions and make a budget.

“I’m a finance minister who believes people should not pay more tax than they should,” she said recently to NTB news.

The tax report, which changed the name of the tax return last year, contains a preliminary calculation of the amount of tax paid in the course of last year.

By June the 27th, the final tax settlement will be clear, and it is also when most people will receive their tax settlement.


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