Siv Jensen re-elected as FrP leader

FrP Party leader Siv Jensen Progress PartyFrP Party leader Siv Jensen. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Siv Jensen re-elected as FrP leader

To standing acclamation, Siv Jensen was re-elected as leader of the Progress Party (FrP) for two years during the National Convention at Gardermoen on Sunday.


– I’m in politics because I want to make a difference, Jensen (48) said in her election speech to the National Convention. She stressed that politics is also about compromises and collaborating with others.

– The alternative is that we get the “red-green soup” back in power. That is reason enough to continue down the current path, Jensen stated.

She was elected as leader of the Progress Party (FrP) for the first time in 2006. In 2013, she brought the party into the Government offices after 40 years being an opposition party.

– We are now going to mobilize everywhere in every hamlet and city of every municipality and free the residents of the red-green soup, she said, pointing at the local elections of next year.

The two deputies, Per Sandberg and Ketil Solvik-Olsen, are not up for election this year, while Minister of Petroleum and Energy,Terje Søviknes, was re-elected to the Central Committee.

Former Minister of Justice, Anders Anundsen, and former state secretary, Tom Cato Karlsen, left the Central Committee of Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) and were replaced by Ronny Berg from Finnmark and Tom Staahle from Akershus respectively.

FrP nestor, Carl I. Hagen, entered the fray in favour of private companies in the care for the elderly

Grand old man of the Progress Party, Carl I. Hagen, congratulated his party with its 45th anniversary and held a flaming support speech in favour of private actors in care for the elderly at the National Convention of FrP on Sunday.

– It’s 45 years and three weeks since I sat in the gallery of the Saga Cinema and heard Anders Lange provide a brilliant lecture lasting for one and a half hour, including a short break, said the former party leader when he lmade an unscheduled speech on the final day of the Frp’s National Congress.

The garden congratulated the party with the anniversary and Siv Jensen with the re-election before he asked the party members to close the ranks and fight for freedom of choice in health care and care for the elderly.

– I hope the Government will consider a change in the of law that state that all municipalities in Norway are obliged to provide a framework for private actors in the  care services, said Hagen and was met by ovations from the National Convention.

He also advocated the establishment of relatives’ associations at nursing homes and home-visit provisions for anyone aged 75 or above who have recently lost their spouse or cohabitant.


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