Taxes in 2018 generated 600 billion kroner in revenue

Money fixed interestNorwegian bank notes, Photo: Norway Today Media

Employees, pensioners, personal traders and companies paid 600 billion kroner in taxes and fees in 2018.

According to the figures from the Norwegian Tax Administration, the total tax settlement for last year shows that employees, pensioners and personal traders have paid a total of 514 billion kroner in taxes and tax on income and wealth. At the same time, 332,000 companies paid 85 billion kroner.

The tax settlement comprises 4.9 million people and 332,000 companies. The tax lists will be available November 5.

3.2 million wage earners, pensioners and personal traders were refunded a total of 40 billion kroner while 800,000 paid a residual tax of a total of 25 billion kroner. 
For those who were taxed, the average amount was 12,800 kroner. The average amount for those who received a residual tax was 32,000 kroner.

“Most people make good payments by paying the right tax throughout the year. If you have received any residual tax or tax, it is because your financial circumstances were different than the basis for your calculated tax deduction. You can avoid this by adjusting information in the tax card throughout the year,” said tax director Hans Christian Holte.

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