Telenor gives warning of fake email invoice

Telenor headquarters, Bulgarian MPTelenor headquarters.Photo: Norway Today Media

Scammers are attempting to lure businesses, and individuals, into a trap with invoices that are purportedly from Telenor. Now the company has warned people against opening these emails.

‘Warning: this is not an email from Telenor, but from fraudsters who either want information or to install malware. Delete it or report as spam’, tweeted the telecom giant with a sample of the fake emails attached.

The false invoices are very professionally created, and appear to be from Telenor. The sender is, but at several places in the emails there are links to the telecommunications company’s own website.

Earlier this year, Telenor warned that cyber criminals are becoming more professional. It is expected that the professionalisation, and the number of cyber attacks will increase in 2017.

‘In 2016, we saw an increased professionalism in organized cybercrime, and sales of advanced malware on the grey/black market has become a billion kroner industry’, said security director, Hanne Tangen Nilsen, of Telenor to NTB news agency in January.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today