The cost of Christmas lights is low

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Do you love decorating houses and gardens with Christmas lights? Or are you wondering how much your neighbor is actually spending on the massive Christmas decorations that adorn the entire neighborhood? Here’s an estimate.

Norwegian gardens in wintertime are increasingly similar to those we know from American films, at least when it comes to decor.

Many have houses and gardens completely overlaid with flashing light decorations in all colors. But that doesn’t mean you have to be shocked by the electricity bill.

– “Yes, there is no doubt more light is being used now than before, but far less money on the electricity,” says Jeanne Tjomsland, communications director at Fjordkraft.

Replace the bulb

The most expensive is probably the decorations themselves. For choosing LED bulbs, there is little money that goes into electricity for the Christmas lights, according to Fjordkraft’s calculations.

Take, for example, a regular seven-armed candlestick, as many have in the window. These spend as little as between 1-18 kroner by being on continuously throughout December, if it has LED bulbs.

If you have eight such candlesticks on throughout December, you can save 90 kroner by switching to LED bulbs from ordinary bulbs.

“If you have large light rigs, you can actually save quite a few kroner on the electricity bill by choosing LED bulbs,” Tjomsland points out.

Choose decorations that last

Some choose a light rig that makes the flagpole look like a Christmas tree when it’s dark. It is expensive to buy, but electricity consumption for the whole of December is a modest 18 kroner with LED bulbs.

A 480-diode LED light loop consumes 5 kroner in power, as does a medium-sized plastic tree covered with LEDs. Also, these examples are for continuous use for a whole month.

– “Lighting lights up and spreads joy in a dark time, I think. And since it is usually the purchase of the lighting or decoration that costs a lot, it is therefore a good tip to find something that lasts and that can be reused year after year,” says Tjomsland from Fjordkraft.

Source: Fjordkraft / Norway Today


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