The giants profit hugely from Norwegian ads

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The net giants are equal to Norwegian advertising revenues

The global net fights continue to make use of the Norwegian advertising cookies. This year, Facebook, Google and Snapchat translate into NOK 5.9 billion in Norway.


That is 23% or one billion more than in 2017. The figures are shown in a recent forecast that Kampanje (Campaign) has been granted access to. Negotiation director, Jarle Thalberg of GroupM is behind the forecast.

By comparison, the Norwegian media houses have a growth in digital sales (display and classifieds) of 10.6%, 3.1 billion kroner after ten months. It was apparent from statistics published by the Institute for Advertising and Media Statistics for the Interactive Marketing Organization. The entire advertising market has grown by 2.2% after the three first quarters.

According to Kampanje, the Norwegian advertising market has been relatively stable over the past decade, but there has been a major redistribution in the market.

Today, Facebook and Google took just over 25% of the NOK 20 billion this market represents. Most of the billions are from Norwegian media players.

“Yes, they take from all kinds of media, such as TV and online newspapers, and they supply from both the national market and from local markets. Only a small part of their total sales in Norway are revenues from Norwegian advertisers who hunt for target groups abroad. This is money that Norwegian media would not have received if Facebook and Google did not operate in Norway,” said Thalberg.

The new forecasts show that Facebook, Google and Snapchat will continue their adventurous advertising trip in 2019.

“My forecast shows that growth will be 17% for the three companies in Norway in 2019,” said Thalberg.


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