The oil sector is cutting the number of summer jobs

Equinor extreme profitability statoilEquinor headquarters at Forus, Stavanger. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Several companies in the oil sector have seen themselves forced to reduce or cut out the number of summer vacancies due to the Corona situation.

A total of 340 students had been offered summer jobs in Equinor. As a result of the Corona situation, however, 100 of them have been told that this cannot go ahead.

– It is regrettable. We are committed to reaching out to as many students and young people who will soon be entering the working life as possible, says press contact Morten Eek in Equinor to Stavanger Aftenblad / E24.

According to Eek, there are more practical than financial considerations behind the decision.

– We cannot offer a program where people are mingling, he explains.

Many of the summer vacancies that will be lost are offers to foreigners. They are now limited, among other things due to travel restrictions, work permits and new tax rules.

240 summer candidates will still work for the company in June and July, but they will mostly work from home.

Other companies are also cutting their offers for students and graduates. ConocoPhillips had planned 22 internships this year, but they are being terminated. There will be no summer substitutes either, but the process there was stopped before the details were clear.

Nor will there be any summer jobs at Vår Energi this summer.

“Unfortunately, we have also had to terminate the planned intake for internships and summer jobs due to the Corona situation,” says Andreas Wulff, Director of Communications.

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