The Road Administration will not postpone EU control again

Traffic on the E6Skjetten.Traffic on the E6.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Earlier this year, the Roads Administration postponed EU control due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, there will be no further postponement for those who have a deadline in May or later.

Those who had a deadline for inspection between March 13 and April 30 had a deferment in March.

“If you have a deadline in May or later, you must deal with it and get your vehicle approved before the deadline expires,” said Monika Omholt, Department Director at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
The decision was made in consultation with the automotive and engineering industries, Omholt added

“The workshops are in operation and  they have the necessary control capacity and have taken infection control measures. Now that more services are opening, we see no reason for a further postponement,” she explained. 

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