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Tine will spend NOK 100-300 million on biofuels based on cow dung

Agriculture, cows, Hindus Religion gelatin husbandryAgriculture, cows. Photo: Norway Today Media

Tine plans to invest between 100 and 300 million kr in proprietary biofuels based on cow dung.


“We have a lot of dung, there is no doubt about that. Therefore, we see opportunities for investing in biogas,’’ said Lars Galtung, Director of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility at Tine, to Dagens Næringsliv (DN) newspaper.

In the first round of tests, three cars were run on compressed biogas from the dairy at Sem outside Tønsberg. Two more cars have been ordered, and eventually Tine hopes to replace the entire fossil fleet.

A report prepared by the consulting company, ‘Rambøll’, recommended that Tine engage in biogas production. Tine’s total energy requirement for transport could be covered in this way, the report concluded.

The analysis showed that if dredging is used for biogas, and the residual product as fertiliser, emissions per litre of milk would be decreased by up to 13%.

“If the plant is large enough, with good infrastructure, it is possible to achieve good profitability compared to fossil fuels,” said Galtung to DN.

Tine plans to collaborate with companies in Trøndelag, Tønsberg and Jæren to manage the value chain, wrote the newspaper. Thus, Tine will becomes both the producer and customer.


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