Frp wants to stop bike initiative in Oslo

Bike IniativeThe 100 metre long bike path in front of the Oslo City Hall. Photo: Jon Haugan

Frp wants to stop bike initiative in Oslo

Environmental Council of Oslo, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (Green Party), believes that the Progress Party (Frp) is placing lives at risk by considering to put an end to their bike initiative in Oslo.

Member of Parliament, Christian Tybring-Gjedde (Progress Party) attacks the bike initiative of the ‘red-green’ City Council of Oslo. The initiative involves removing 2,500 parking spaces from the city centre.

“Most people are not the ones who are biking, that is the elite. It’s an elitist policy, and it’s a policy that people don’t feel a part of. It is a policy that we in Oslo Frp want to put an end to,” Tybring-Gjedde tells Norwegian TV2 and Nettavisen.



Nguyen Berg reacts strongly

City Council for the Environment and Transport of Oslo, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg reacts strongly to that the Progress Party is picking a fight against their prestige project.

“When the Progress Party wants to stop biking in Oslo, they put lives at risk. Children do not perceive cars at high speed as easily. Many parents are afraid to let their children ride their bicycles or walk alone. I say this to the Progress Party: ‘We have no children to lose in Oslo’.  Children deserve safe school roads and a safer future – with clean air and lessened climate emissions,” Berg tells NTB.

Berg finds the play from Tybring-Gjedde – that the bike initiative is elitist – as parodic. She points out that the Progress Party politician is part of the central board of the government party and lives in the rich west end of Oslo.

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