Oslo at top in ranking of clean and safe cities

Oslo CityOslo City.Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo alongside Copenhagen and Amsterdam are ranked at the top of a list by Greenpeace ranking European capital cities with transport systems. At the bottom is Rome.


– “Safe roads and clean air go hand in hand. The study shows that when you upgrade public communications in a sustainable way, people also get cleaner air and safer roads,” says Barbara Stoll of Greenpeace.

The report that Greenpeace has made together with the Wuppertal Institute, ranks 13 European capitals on factors from air quality to how much public transport costs and the use of automation systems.

Worst of the 13 are automobile and scooter-based Rome, where 65 percent of all transportation is carried out by private motor vehicles. The main reason for this is cheap parking and poor public transport.

Rome is also the worst in road safety. For every 10,000 bike rides there are 110 accidents, and for every 10,000 pedestrian trips there are 133 accidents in the city

Rome was also the worst in terms of air pollution, but that is not that good in Budapest, Paris or Moscow either.

The three best cities are Oslo, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, who all receive praise for widespread use of public transport, clearly marked and secure bike paths and sidewalks and cleaner air than average.

Oslo got top marks for closing the center for private cars, while Copenhagen was at the forefront of new services such as car sharing and applications to find the transport system. Zurich has the cheapest public transport.

The report says that if Rome wants to improve its position, more must be done to separate bicycles and scooters, and the use of cars in the city center must be made more expensive.


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  1. More cities need to follow this example. Cheers to them!

  2. Hope in humanity restored! Not every city is a pigsty.

  3. Ole Olesen | 31. May 2018 at 17:09 |

    This is bunshit. Oslo is NOT a clean town and they that have found out this must be blind or not serious 😛

  4. This is for sure an example to be followed by other cities. Great Post!

  5. Prime example of a good city.

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