Train fares can be more expensive with more train companies

Train foreign operator railroadTrain at Oslo Central Station. Photo: Norway Today Media

From December 15, train passengers may have to purchase tickets from both Vy and Go-Ahead on routes previously used to travel with one discounted ticket.

Go-Ahead takes over traffic on Sørlandsbanen from December 15, 2019. This means that if a passenger is to take a train where both train companies are traveling, two mini-fare tickets must be purchased, NRK reports.

– “As soon as we get started and get history we can look back on, we can enter into a dialogue with Vy and SJ and see if we can come up with a solution,” says CEO Cathrine Elgin of Go-Ahead to NRK.

From 20 June next year, Swedish SJ will take over the Dovre Line, the Nordland Line, the Trønder Line, the Raumabanen and the Meråker Line. Thus, one traveling from Kristiansand to Røros must use all three train companies.

The train companies can price the discounted tickets as they please. Only the ordinary tickets of the Railway Directorate have set a maximum price level. Thus, mini-price tickets can be twice as expensive.

– “Yes, if you travel far on a trip then it will be mini-price plus mini-price. We will not get away with that,” says Svein Horrisland, Director of Communications at the Railway Directorate.

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  1. That will be a disaster for maintaining global environment issues. Since driving own car from kristiansand to oslo is cheaper than train ticket (if a man purchase immidiate one instead plan early booking). There without a proper plan to travel, one might drive instead of using public transport. With this new system, if man has to pay higher price, that will be more encouraging to use private vehicle rather than public one. What is the right motivation to using public transport which really is the most important to reduce pollution and environmental damage? Environment minister must come forward bravely and interfere in rising the prices. Otherwise the government is entirely responsible for environmental damage.

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