The Crown Prince couple hosted delegates from the Red Cross

Asker.Skaugum.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

For the 15th time, the crown prince couple have invited guests for a festive evening at Skaugum in Asker. This year, it was the delegates from the Red Cross who came for the visit.

These Delegates from the Red Cross travel on short notice to conflict areas on behalf of the organization, and they return home with strong experiences and impressions from some of the world’s worst crises.

“They are brave people who sacrifice domestic security in Norway for long periods of time to help the Red Cross in their vital work for people in need,” a statement from the Palace said.

The Norwegian Red Cross general secretary, Bernt G. Apeland, was also among the guests at Skaugum.

The first time the Crown Prince and Crown Princess invited guests to attend was in connection with a TV campaign in 2004. That time, too, the money raised went to the Church City Mission – and the Council for Mental Health – and the Crown Princess was the protector for the action.

In 2017, the guest party was held in Tromsø, but otherwise the event is held at Skaugum.

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  1. Helping is helping, meeting the Prince and his wife…that’s a whole other bravery right there. Good for them, hope they had fun.

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