Trumf customers have 1.2 billion on the books

TrumfTrumf .Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Those who use the Norwegian group, Trumf, bonus program have NOK 1.2 billion in outstanding bonuses that have not been collected.


More than half of the money is linked to Kiwi Plus, and among Kiwi’s customers there are 2,310 people who earned more than NOK 10,000 said NA24. However, leaving the bonus on the Trumf account is not particularly advantageous, and means, for example, that inflation slowly but surely reduces the real value of what is there.

‘It does not have any use there. At the same time, you lose an overview of the economy when you make money in places you do not know you have it,’ said Private Economist Endre Reite of Sparebank1.

‘You could end up using credit cards on something when you really had money to use,’ he said, recommending that people transfer the money from Trumf to a regular bank account.

Coop didn’t state how much their members benefit from bonus’, and haven’t announced the payment for 2017 yet. Their member account provides interest when the annual payment of dividends is entered.


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